Graphics for Urban Design

: Graphics for Urban Design

Description: The long awaited second edition of Graphics for Urban Design, has now been published and is available as a beautifully illustrated hardback that showcases developments in this sector since the original book in 2007. Author Bally Meeda, Director of Urban Graphics, in association with other leading practitioners has once again shares his knowledge and expertise to create this seminal piece of work. It has been endorsed by the Urban Design Group and is available to order here.

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Client: ICE Publishing and the Urban Design Group.

Challenge: To create a definitive guide to unravel all aspects of communications from early conceptual ideas, through to definitive and final outputs. The book concentrates on principles of graphic communication instead of following latest trends that would easily date.

What we did:The book was written by Director Bally Meeda and compiled, designed and coordinated by the Urban Graphics team. A two year project that was taken from early conception through to final print production.

The book is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction of graphics in urban design
  • history and evolution
  • characteristics of urban design images
  • graphics in the urban design process
  • producing drawings
  • technical expertise
  • the outputs available
  • managing aspects of production.

Testimonial: Graphics for Urban Design is the definitive guide on how to create better graphics for the built environment. Graphical communication of good urban design is effective, persuasive and help shape the world we live in.

Robert Huxford, Director of the Urban Design Group

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